Add software to your non-managed University computer

Some licences allow staff to install software on their non-managed computer.

Add software to your Windows Staff Desktop

Install the software you need from the Software Centre, or request it in the Application Catalog.

Assistive software available on campus computers

A range of software is available to support students and staff, including those who have visual and hearing impairments, dyslexia, or other disabilities.

Computers for students on our campuses

We have over 2,000 computers for students across our campuses: about 800 of these are in locations accessible to everyone, with specialist software / hardware available in departments.

Get and use Power BI

You need to request a license from IT to join the Power BI pilot (available to staff only). If eligible, you'll be given access to the Microsoft Office 365 business intelligence tool.

Get discount on personal computers and software

Make the most of your email when buying new tech and apps.

Get Office 365 for free on your own devices

Use your email to get Microsoft Office 2016 free on up to 15 of your own devices.

Remove software from your Windows Staff Desktop

Uninstall a piece of software you no longer need using the Programs and Features Manager.

Use SPSS on your own computer

You can use SPSS on your own computer for educational work if you're on campus, or if you confirm your student or staff status with SPSS.