Access your email via Outlook on the web

Using Outlook on the web allows you to access your email from anywhere.

Can't log into your account or a system?

Run through this five-step checklist to regain access to your account or get into the system you need to before contacting IT.

How to manage your Junk Email folder

Sometimes the filter in Outlook moves messages that matter into your Junk Email folder. You can quickly reclassify messages if you need to.

Log in to your shared mailbox

You don't need to log into your shared mailbox with a password, instead you get to it through your own email account.

Report spam and phishing emails

Let Microsoft know each time you receive emails that are junk, may be trying to infect your computer or steal your login details.

Request and manage your shared mailbox

A shared mailbox allows your team, department, or society to jointly operate an email account.

Reset your forgotten password

If you've forgotten your password you can reset it yourself using your phone or an alternative email address.

Send your file securely

Find out how to encrypt and share files that contain private or confidential information.

Set up Clutter in your email

Use clutter to hide your low priority emails and focus on the messages that matter most.

Set up email on your own device

How to access your email service on your mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Setup Secure Mobile Working (Company Portal app) on android

Find out how to install and use the Company Portal app to access your staff email.

Setup Secure Mobile Working (Company Portal app) on iOS

Find out how to install and use the Company Portal app to access your staff email.

Uninstall Secure Mobile Working (Company Portal app)

No longer want the app on your personal phone or tablet? Leaving the University and handing your device back to your manager?

What is Secure Mobile Working (Company Portal app)?

A service that helps you and the University ensure information is safe and secure on phones and tablets. It's delivered as an app called Microsoft Intune Company Portal.

What to do after you've interacted with a spam or phishing email

Follow these steps if you've clicked, replied to, or downloaded an attachment from a spam or phishing email.

What to do when you get an email tagged with UNVERIFIED SENDER

Extra security was added to the University's email system to help you spot spam and phishing emails designed to infect your computer or steal login details.