Add a network printer to your Windows Staff Desktop

Find out how to install a nearby printer to your Windows Staff Desktop so you can use it to print.

Add software to your non-managed University computer

Some licences allow staff to install software on their non-managed computer.

Add software to your Windows Staff Desktop

Install the software you need from the Software Centre, or request it in the Application Catalog.

Computers for students on our campuses

We have over 2,000 computers for students across our campuses: about 800 of these are in locations accessible to everyone, with specialist software / hardware available in departments.

Print using on-campus computer (Pay2Print)

Printing your work from an on-campus computer with the student desktop.

Remove software from your Windows Staff Desktop

Uninstall a piece of software you no longer need using the Programs and Features Manager.

Update your saved network password on macOS

macOS will remember your login details, but will not prompt you to update them, even if your login fails.