Access your email via Outlook on the web

Using Outlook on the web allows you to access your email from anywhere.

Add a network printer to your Windows Staff Desktop

Find out how to install a nearby printer to your Windows Staff Desktop so you can use it to print.

Add credit to your Pay2Print account

You need to have credit on your Pay2Print account before you can print using a Pay2Print printer.

Add software to your non-managed University computer

Some licences allow staff to install software on their non-managed computer.

Add software to your Windows Staff Desktop

Install the software you need from the Software Centre, or request it in the Application Catalog.

Assistive software available on campus computers

A range of software is available to support students and staff, including those who have visual and hearing impairments, dyslexia, or other disabilities.

Can't log into your account or a system?

Run through this five-step checklist to regain access to your account or get into the system you need to before contacting IT.

Change and reset your Life Sciences password

Your Life Sciences and University accounts must have the same password. Please do not share your password, even with someone who claims to be University staff.

Change your password

Your password is the key to your account, please do not share it even with someone who claims to be University staff.

Computers for students on our campuses

We have over 2,000 computers for students across our campuses: about 800 of these are in locations accessible to everyone, with specialist software / hardware available in departments.

Connect to Life Sciences VPN on macOS or Windows

How to connect to the Life Sciences Cisco AnyConnect VPN using your Apple Mac or Windows computer (this VPN will be decommissioned and is not compatible with mobile devices).

Connect to new SonicWall Mobile Connect VPN app on phone or tablet

How to install and use the VPN to get remote access to secure services on your mobile device. You have to be off campus to run the VPN.

Connect to new SonicWall VPN on macOS

How to install and use the VPN to get remote access to secure services on your managed or unmanaged/personal Mac. You have to be off campus to run the VPN.

Connect to new SonicWall VPN on Windows

How to install and use the VPN to get remote access to secure services on your Windows computer. You have to be off campus to run the VPN.

Connect to the University's wired (via ethernet cable) network on Linux

No exact instruction that covers all Linux distributions can be given, so we’ve provided the essential details plus descriptions for two widely used distributions, Centos and Mint.

Connect to the University's wired (via ethernet cable) network on Windows

For anyone not using a Staff Windows Desktop (a non-managed device), including students in accommodation. If you're using a managed desktop, you don't need to follow this connection guidance as your device has been configured for you.

Connect to the University's wired (via ethernet cable) on macOS

For anyone not using a Managed Mac Desktop (a non-managed device). If you're using a managed desktop, you don't need to follow this connection guidance as your device has been configured for you.

eduroam - connect to wifi

Our superfast new wifi network, eduroam, is now available in most locations across our campuses. You'll also find eduroam in different places across the globe and can use your login to get free wifi wherever you find it.

Exam support for students with a disability

Students with a disability may need extra support to sit exams.

Get and use Power BI

You need to request a license from IT to join the Power BI pilot (available to staff only). If eligible, you'll be given access to the Microsoft Office 365 business intelligence tool.

Get discount on personal computers and software

Make the most of your email when buying new tech and apps.

Get Office 365 for free on your own devices

Use your email to get Microsoft Office 2016 free on up to 15 of your own devices.

How to get Office 365 apps

You can get to the recently launched Office 365 apps through Outlook on the web. Some are also available as a desktop and/or mobile app.

How to manage your Junk Email folder

Sometimes the filter in Outlook moves messages that matter into your Junk Email folder. You can quickly reclassify messages if you need to.

How to restore previous version of your files

You can recover previous versions of files saved to your H: and S: drives, without logging a call.

How to use the VIA screens

We have over 50 feature rich VIA screens across our campuses. Install the VIA app and connect your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to eduroam wifi to present to one. Up to four of you can connect to a single screen and collaborate at the same time.

Log in to Box for unlimited file storage

Box provides unlimited cloud-based file storage for students and staff.

Log in to your shared mailbox

You don't need to log into your shared mailbox with a password, instead you get to it through your own email account.


Use Delve to manage your Office 365 profile, and to discover and organise the information that's likely to be most interesting to you right now - across Office 365.


Bring CRM and ERP capabilities together with Microsoft Dynamics 365—intelligent business applications that help run your business end to end in the cloud.


Create automated workflows between your favourite apps and services to get notifications, synchronise files, collect data, and more...


With Microsoft Forms, you can create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily see results as they come in.


OneNote Class Notebook lets teachers collaborate on class projects, share assignments with students, and provide feedback on their work. Staff Notebook gives you a personal workspace and a library of shared information.


Save your files and photos to OneDrive and get them from any device, anywhere.


Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organise and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress.

Power BI

See your company's data in new ways with interactive data visualisation BI tools from Microsoft Power BI.


Create web and mobile apps quickly without code that connect to your data.


Microsoft Project helps you execute projects with ease. Its built-in templates and familiar scheduling tools help project managers and teams stay productive.


Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organisation.


StaffHub enables teams and leaders of teams to manage time, create rotas, communicate, and share content within their group.


Stream lets you securely upload, share, and manage videos within the University. It will eventually replace Office 365 Video.


Microsoft Teams is an entirely new experience that brings together people, conversations and content—along with the tools that teams need—so they can easily collaborate to achieve more.


From work to play, To-Do is the easiest way to get stuff done, every day.


Video will soon transition to Microsoft Stream. If you're looking for a way to share videos easily, we'd advise you to start there.


Discuss ideas, share updates, and crowdsource answers from coworkers around the globe. Over time, Yammer will replace Newsfeed.

Print from own laptop (Pay2Print)

Wirelessly print from your own laptop using your Pay2Print account.

Print using on-campus computer (Pay2Print)

Printing your work from an on-campus computer with the student desktop.

Remove software from your Windows Staff Desktop

Uninstall a piece of software you no longer need using the Programs and Features Manager.

Report spam and phishing emails

Let Microsoft know each time you receive emails that are junk, may be trying to infect your computer or steal your login details.

Request a non-standard IT account

Test, third-party, and system accounts are available on request.

Request a visitor account

Visitor accounts are available on request by members of staff. If you're visiting one of our campuses, you can connect to eduroam or _TheCloud to get free internet access and don't need a visitor account to do so.

Request and manage your shared mailbox

A shared mailbox allows your team, department, or society to jointly operate an email account.

Request or stop an account rename

You need to notify the University if your name changes. Once your details have been updated in our systems, your account will be renamed automatically. You can only request a revised login name from HR or Registry if the one assigned to you contains a spelling error in the surname.

Reset your forgotten password

If you've forgotten your password you can reset it yourself using your phone or an alternative email address.

Scan or copy using a Pay2Print printer

You can use the multifunction devices in Library locations to scan and copy documents.

Send your file securely

Find out how to encrypt and share files that contain private or confidential information.

Set up Clutter in your email

Use clutter to hide your low priority emails and focus on the messages that matter most.

Set up email on your own device

How to access your email service on your mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Set up fingerprint reader on your HP laptop

For staff who want to use their fingerprint to log in to their HP laptop instead of typing their password.

Set up self-service password reset

Add a phone number / alternative email so you can reset a forgotten password 24 hours a day without having to contact the Service Desk

Setup Secure Mobile Working (Company Portal app) on android

Find out how to install and use the Company Portal app to access your staff email.

Setup Secure Mobile Working (Company Portal app) on iOS

Find out how to install and use the Company Portal app to access your staff email.

StudentResidences wifi for gaming/streaming and wireless printing

Brought your wireless printer, Xbox, Playstation, or Apple TV to University with you? StudentResidences is one of our new superfast wifi networks and it exists in your accommodation only to serve these types of devices.

The IT at-risk periods

Issues experienced on a Tue or Thu from 07:00-09:00 may be due to IT works and upgrades.

Uninstall Secure Mobile Working (Company Portal app)

No longer want the app on your personal phone or tablet? Leaving the University and handing your device back to your manager?

Update your saved network password on macOS

macOS will remember your login details, but will not prompt you to update them, even if your login fails.

Use SPSS on your own computer

You can use SPSS on your own computer for educational work if you're on campus, or if you confirm your student or staff status with SPSS.

Using your office desk phone

Your Cisco desk phone allows you to make a conference call, listen to your voicemails, and communicate with others.

Add a network printer to your staff One Dundee Desktop

Find out how to install a nearby printer to your staff computer so you can use it to print.

Edit and save files on your USB or external hard drive

To use your removable media on a Windows 10 One Dundee Desktop, you first need to encrypt it (if you haven't already) with BitLocker. You will be prompted to do this when you plug it into the computer, making it password protected from that point on.

How to sign out

There are many ways to sign out of your new Windows 10 desktop. It's not important how you sign out, as long as you remember to do it.

Map your School of Life Sciences shared drives

Find out how to map your School of Life Sciences shared drives to your desktop and access the files you have stored there. You need to launch a script from AppsAnywhere to do this.

How to use a teaching PC on campus

All teaching PCs are now running on Windows 10. If you use these computers to give a lecture or presentation, here are the things you need to know about using the new desktop.

Upload your files to OneDrive

Storing your files on OneDrive means that you can access them later, on any device, through Outlook on the web.

What is Secure Mobile Working (Company Portal app)?

A service that helps you and the University ensure information is safe and secure on phones and tablets. It's delivered as an app called Microsoft Intune Company Portal.

What to do after you've interacted with a spam or phishing email

Follow these steps if you've clicked, replied to, or downloaded an attachment from a spam or phishing email.

What to do when you get an email tagged with UNVERIFIED SENDER

Extra security was added to the University's email system to help you spot spam and phishing emails designed to infect your computer or steal login details.

What you can/can't put in Box

Find out how to store different information types in Box in a compliant way.

Where to store your files on a student computer

You can store your files in your H: drive or in the cloud when using one of the campus computers available to you.