eduroam - connect to wifi

Our superfast new wifi network, eduroam, is now available in most locations across our campuses. You'll also find eduroam in different places across the globe and can use your login to get free wifi wherever you find it.

Request a visitor account

Visitor accounts are available on request by members of staff. If you're visiting one of our campuses, you can connect to eduroam or _TheCloud to get free internet access and don't need a visitor account to do so.

StudentResidences wifi for gaming/streaming and wireless printing

Brought your wireless printer, Xbox, Playstation, or Apple TV to University with you? StudentResidences is one of our new superfast wifi networks and it exists in your accommodation only to serve these types of devices.

Update your saved network password on macOS

macOS will remember your login details, but will not prompt you to update them, even if your login fails.