Find out how to store different information types in Box in a compliant way.


Box adheres to the highest industry standards when it comes to security. They provide global customer support and help us meet international regulatory standards.

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Terms and conditions

You're asked to consent to the UoD Box Usage Policy before getting started in These are the University's Custom Terms of Service.


Information Compliance

The University has a range of policies and procedures to support students and staff. These help you understand your responsibilities when handling and storing information.

There are 3 information classifications: public, private and confidential. Used appropriately, Box is suitable for storing and securely sharing University information that falls within the private and confidential classifications.

Read more about Information Governance at the University and reach the Information Classification Scheme.


What access levels mean when using Box

Last updated July 2017

ClassDefinitionExamplesHow to store in Box

  • Information considered public or unclassified and which may be seen by anyone whether directly linked with the University or not
  • Access to open information is unrestricted

Event information e.g. conference papers
  • Create a subfolder in Open files folder in top-level of Box
  • Set file access to People with the link
  • The public and UoD users will have access to this area

Press releases (not under embargo)
Released research data
Information released under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act

  • Information where dissemination is normally restricted e.g. to members of the University, its partners, suppliers or affiliates
  • Access to private information is normally restricted and governed by appropriate policies or contracts

Teaching & Learning e.g. teaching materials, exam papers (post-examination)
  • Create a folder or subfolder with the standard/default file access setting of People within the Company
  • This means that even if a link to a folder or file is physically emailed, it can only be accessed by UoD users
  • If you have concerns about this setting you can use People in this folder or contact Help4U to request guidance

Draft strategies and policies e.g. Operational Planning
Draft press releases
Class lists
Research communications that don't include confidential or sensitive information
Reports, guidance, collaborative documents
Current procurement information
  • Information which is sensitive and dissemination is normally prohibited except within strictly defined and limited circumstances
  • Such information is likely to include personal data, commercially sensitive or legally privileged information, or information currently under embargo


Box can be used to store confidential information. Box can also be used to store highly confidential information such as:

  • Personally identifiable health information
  • Personally identifiable charge or conviction data
  • National Security Information or
  • Equivalent highly confidential material

Providing that this information is secured using a second level of encryption and password protection (this link describes that process)

Further guidance on the security of University data, including research data, is available via the Information Governance Office or the LLC Research & Resources Division who can be contacted through Help4U

If you have any concerns about the information you want to store in Box, please contact the Service Desk.

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