How to install and use the VPN to get remote access to secure services on your mobile device. You have to be off campus to run the VPN.


 This is currently NOT a replacement for the School of Life Sciences VPN (Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client). Access to secure services within Life Sciences will be available after Life Sciences migrates to the new network. 


The app is available in the: Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows Store, Chrome Web Store, and in Amazon Apps for Kindle.

  1. Search for the SonicWall Mobile Connect app in your App Store
  2. Install the app on your phone and/or tablet
  3. Go into the app and configure it using the connection information below
  4. Go to Settings in the app to adjust the default connection settings so they meet your needs

After you've installed the app, go into it and turn the VPN on whenever you want to use it. Remember to turn it off when finished.


Connection information 

 Name: UoD VPN
 Log in to (Realm): Dundee University

Enter your University password and full username (including when asked.


If you have a username that doesn’t include your ID number (students) or end with a number (staff), make sure you enter it correctly.


Having issues?
If you have problems installing or using the mobile app, you need to troubleshoot these yourself. IT don't support the use of the VPN in its app form.