We have over 50 feature rich VIA screens across our campuses. Install the VIA app and connect your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to eduroam wifi to present to one. Up to four of you can connect to a single screen and collaborate at the same time.


 Get the VIA app

On your laptop, enter the Room Name into your internet browser and download the app from the webpage.

On your smartphone or tablet, go to your Google Play, Chrome, or Apple App Store to find and download the app.


Present your device to the screen

Open and unlock your device, then

  • Launch the VIA app
  • Enter the Room Name shown on the VIA screen
  • Enter the Nick Name you’d like to use
  • Click Login
  • Enter the Room Code (four digits) shown on the VIA screen
  • Click Login
  • Select Present / Step In to display to the VIA screen


Collaborate on the screen

Up to four of you can collaborate on multiple documents at any one time through the VIA screen.

To do this, one of you needs to take the lead, present to the screen, and select enable control from the features menu. All other participants should select start collaboration from the features menu once connected to the screen.

Sharing files amongst participants

You can save and share the files you've collaborated on with the entire group or selected participants.

 How To Share Files With VIA.


Other features

View main display

Allows everyone in the room to view what is being presented on the VIA screen on their own device. 

 How To Use VIA's View Main Display Feature.


Allows you to draw on the whiteboard or convert your VIA screen presentation into a canvas you can annotate. 

 How To Use VIA's Whiteboard Feature.


Allows you to record everything on the VIA screen and the audio in the room if a mic is connected. 

 How To Use VIA's New Record Feature.

Stream video

Allows you to stream videos from your device onto the VIA screen in two ways (mirror or playback) depending on your video quality needs. 

 How To Stream Video With VIA.

Do not disturb

Allows you to stop other participants presenting to the VIA screen with you when you need to. 

 How To Use VIA's Do Not Disturb Feature.


Need more help?

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