Find out how to encrypt and share files that contain private or confidential information.


Encrypt the file/folder


  1. Download iZip from the App Store
  2. Launch iZip and click Create Archive
  3. Click on the Specify name button
  4. Enter a suitable name for your encrypted archive and choose where to save it to on your computer
  5. Then click Create
  6. Click Next at the New archive assistant page (don't select Extra compression)
  7. Tick the Enable password protection checkbox
  8. Enter a strong password to protect the file/folder
  9. Leave the AES 256 bit (most secure, slower) radio button selected then click Next
  10. Click the plus (+) symbol, go to and select the file/folder you want to encrypt then click Next
  11. When the file you selected appears in the window, click Next
  12. Your file/folder is now secure and ready to send


Windows 7

Use 7-Zip and follow the guidance in the videos.


Send the file/folder

Use email or Box to send the file/folder to your recipient. Share the password with your recipient through another medium.

For example, you must not:

  • Email the password if you've sent the encrypted file by email
  • Share the password within Box (as a comment or otherwise) if you've shared the encrypted file/folder on Box


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