Wirelessly print from your own laptop using your Pay2Print account.


Send print jobs from any location on-campus to Pay2Print printers. This service isn't available on tablets or mobile phones. 

Login with your University password and username (without @dundee.ac.uk at the end) when using Pay2Print.


If you have a username that doesn’t include your ID number (students) or end with a number (staff), make sure you enter it correctly.

 j.bloggs or j.bloggs@dundee.ac.uk


Sending your work to a Pay2Print printer

  • Log in with your username and password
  • Click Choose File and browse to document
  • Click Next to upload
  • Choose where you would like to print to and if you'd like colour or black and white
  • Tick Advanced for further options
  • Click Print

Upload your work to print


Release and collect your work

When you send your work to a printer it is held in a queue for 30 minutes. This means it will only print when you walk over to the printer.

Multi-function photocopier style machines have a touchscreen attached. Hold your staff or student ID card against the reader to show documents you've sent to print. You may have to pair your card using your username and password the first time you do this.


Photo of the pay2print screens


Press the button to release jobs (you can choose which jobs to print using the checkboxes) then press print.

Your work stays in the queue for 30 minutes before it disappears and you have to re-send it to the printer.

You are not charged if you do not release the job to print.

Some IT suites have a separate PC next to their printers. Type your username into the window to see your print queue.


Printing costs for Pay2Print printers

  A4 A3
Black and white double-sided 4p per side
8p per page
8p per side
16p per page
Black and white single-sided 5p per page 10p per page
Colour double-sided 24p per side
48p per page
48p per side
96p per page
Colour single-sided 30p per page 60p per page

Check your balance and printing history