Your password is the key to your account, please do not share it even with someone who claims to be University staff.


Your new password:

  • must be between 14-20 characters long
  • can contain any upper and lower case, numeric and special characters except £ $ \ / ' " ` Space
  • can't include any part of your name or username
  • can't be a password you've used before

You'll be asked to change it once a year.


If you have Life Sciences account, you should then change your Life Sciences password to make it match.


Add details to your account

Future proof access to your account by clicking on 'Set it up now' at the online email login page. Follow the steps to add your preferred details and self-reset your password without having to contact us from then on. 


Forgot your password?

Click on 'Forgot my password' at the online email login page to self-reset your forgotten password (option will only appear if you've added your details as above and aren't an applicant). Get in touch if you need help.


Password security

We will never ask you to disclose your password to us or embed clickable links in emails asking you to change your password. The strength of your password is your responsibility, so please choose wisely each time.