Test, third-party, and system accounts are available on request.


You're required to abide by the University’s Regulations and Policies when using your non-standard account. This includes Information Security policies, as you may have access to sensitive University data.


IT manage and distribute non-standard accounts. These give you temporary access to University IT facilities for specific reasons.


Account types and request forms

Test accounts

Available to staff who support IT. If you need access to carry out managed testing, this is the account you should request.

Download test account request form


Third-party accounts

Available to third-party consultants who need access to University systems. If you're not a staff member and need access to carry out the work you're contracted to do, this is the account you should request.

Download third-party account request form


System accounts

Available for systems that need a specific account to operate. For example, systems running scientific or engineering instruments that need an email address.

Download system account request form


How to submit your request

  1. Download the appropriate account request form
  2. Complete the first section (applicant details), outline your account needs, and sign the form
  3. Forward the form with your completed sections to your sponsor (University member of staff responsible for you)
  4. Your sponsor will then:
    Sign and approve your request
    Arrange for the Assistant Director of IT (ISRC) or a delegate (normally the Director or another Assistant Director (Business Services or EUS) of IT) to authorise your request


Where to send your request form

Please ensure you've filled out the form (preferably electronically rather than by hand) in full before submitting your request to IT.

Completed request forms should be sent to IT in one of the following ways:

  • Posted to or dropped off at IT Reception, Computing Centre, Park Place, University of Dundee, Dundee, DD1 4HN
  • Scanned and emailed to help4u@dundee.ac.uk


Expiration and renewal

Test and third-party accounts expire 365 days after their creation. System accounts have no expiration date.

If your non-standard account is no longer required, you need to notify IT so a forced closure can take place, even if it has an expiry date. If your need for the test or third-party account extends beyond the 365-day period, you need to request a renewal by re-submitting the appropriate request form from above.


Getting your account

We'll create your account (subject to approval) and email the username to you, along with a phone number. You'll need to call us to get your password.


Need more help?

Service Desk
  +44 (0)1382 388000