Issues experienced on a Tue or Thu from 07:00-09:00 may be due to IT works and upgrades.


Two regular, agreed IT work windows exist at the University. We aim to undertake all necessary changes to your information and communication technologies within these scheduled periods to minimise disruption. 


Reporting IT problems experienced during at-risk

Service disruptions may occur during the at-risk periods outlined below. If you experience an IT issue on either morning, please wait until after 09:00 to contact the Service Desk as the problem will likely resolve itself.

Tues 07:00-09:00

Thu 07:00-09:00

This is the University's primary at-risk period.

We try to undertake essential IT maintenance works which carry a higher risk of impact to our community during this window. 

This is the University's secondary at-risk period.

We try to undertake essential IT maintenance works which carry a lower risk of impact to our community during this window.

Most changes take place during the Tue at-risk period as it coincides with the national maintenance period which affects all Universities and Colleges using the Janet network. 


Changes made outside at-risk periods

Although we make every effort to apply IT changes in at-risk periods, we do make exceptions if, for example:

  • an immediate risk arises (a critical security patch needs to be applied, for example)
  • either work window isn't a feasible option (due to third party resourcing, for example)
  • a system upgrade is significant (may take longer than two hours, for example) 

We reserve the right to decide if an exception is warranted and are committed to ensuring works undertaken outside at-risk periods are communicated on IT Status (as a minimum) when they carry significant risk.   


Read the University's IT preventative maintenance standard for more detailed information.


Need more help?

Service Desk
  +44(0)1382 388000