The Strength Performance Centre is located on the first floor of the gym and is a regional specialist strength training area, equipped with Olympic lifting platforms, free weights, and tools to advance any lifting workout.

This strength facility accommodates 8 [current COVID-19 restrictions] which offers the space you need to train safely. With several sanitising stations, booking sessions through our app, and anti-bacterial spray dotted throughout, you have everything you need to enjoy your workout.

Student lifting a loaded weights bar in the Strength Performance Centre

In the Strength Performance Centre

  • Olympic lifting platforms 

  • Multifunctional platform space
  • Bench, squat, and deadlift space
  • Full dumbbell rack 
  • Roaming benches
  • T-bar and dip bar extensions
  • EZ curl bar and training bars
  • Lifting blocks
  • Stretch and warm-up mats


You'll need to bring

Gym kit you are comfortable working out in (shorts, leggings, t-shirt, trainers), a towel, water, specific lifting shoes, and liquid chalk if you need it.

Our Induction
To gain access to the Strength Performance Centre we ask all members to take our online induction to familiarise yourself with the space. Once this has been completed we will then add the facility as a bolt-on to your account. 


Closed Sessions
At times this facility may be closed to accommodate group bookings, events, or programmes, and members will not be able to access the space or book a slot on the app. Please do not try to access the facility without a booked slot on the app as you may find it is closed. 

Membership required

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