A breakthrough in exercise and user experience, the new wattbike virtual reality studio is exciting, cinematic-quality versions of live classes, and will transport you to some of the top cycling destinations across the globe.

Close up image of the WattBike Pro with 'University of Dundee' logo in the background

An upgrade from your regular spin bikes, the Wattbike Pro and Trainer are indoor trainers engineered to enhance your performance, whether you're a complete beginner or elite athlete. Our immersive experience will host both instructed and virtual classes with onscreen analysis of your progress and the performance of your group for that little competitive push.


  • The perfect start for people new to group fitness.
  • Highly motivating and often addictive cycle workout that lets you burn calories, build cardio fitness, and dial up the challenge factor.
  • Ideal entry-level workout for those new to fitness, because you are in control of your own resistance while keeping pace with the rest of the class. 
  • More experienced riders can dial up the RPM to set your personal bests and challenge yourself.
  • Track your progress with the wattbike training hub and record your progress with our classes. 

We recommend arriving 5 minutes prior to any virtual or bike class to set up your bike for a comfortable and safe ride. 

Get access

For a safe and professional environment, all new users of the VR Studio need to undertake a 10 min induction. The induction covers key topics such as the use and care of equipment, rules and safety.

After the induction, you will have full access to the VR Studio and Bike classes running on our exercise programme. 

Membership required

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