We pride ourselves on our long-standing delivery of premium health and fitness here at the Institute of Sport & Exercsie, and we are delighted to let you know that in August we will be upgrading our current gym facilities. While we will be upgrading much of our Cardio equipment at this time we are especially excited about the addition of a Queenax rig that will be on the lower level of the gym.

  • hat is a Queenax Rig?

This is a multifunctional training frame that makes use of the entire space, turning it into a highly versatile training system which allows you to make the most of your workouts! 

  • Why are we introducing the Queenax frame? 

The Queenax will literally create your very own fitness playground, with everything from monkey bars to battles ropes helping you to get more from your workout.

  • Who will benefit from using the Queenax? 

The answer is everyone. The options and possibilities are endless with the Queenax. There are both inductions and classes running daily on the rig. Make sure you book in for a session to get all the information you need to get started. Alternatively ask one of our trained staff for advice.

    • Mondays  - Class 7.30am / Induction 10am / Induction 8pm
    • Tuesdays – Senior Inductions 10am and 11am / Class 5.15pm
    • Wednesdays – Class 7.30am / Induction 8am / Class 12.15pm / Induction 8pm
    • Thursdays – Induction 8am / Induction 2pm / Class 5.15pm
    • Fridays – Induction 10am / Class 12.15pm
  • Are you removing my favourite machines to make space for the Queenax?

We haven’t lost out on workout or exercise opportunities, if your favourite machine is now not here we will be able to give you a similar exercise that can be performed on the rig. We removed some of our CV machines in the lower gym as well as our assisted chin and dip, cable crossovers (not them all, one is now situated in the SPC!) and our older style chest press. In return, our 15 station Queenax will allow you the ability to try assisted pull-ups (with bands, which are more like the real deal). Also, we have added assault treadmills and bikes – these are replacing the older cardio machines in this area. So in our eyes, we have not lost definitely gained. 

Queenax rig at ise gym

Upstairs in on the mezzanine level, all the Precor cardio machines (treadmills, AMTs, upright bikes and cross-trainers) have been replaced with the new and improved 800 Experience Series.  All machines have been upgraded in terms of programming ability and mechanical structure for the best and safest performance. The touchscreen consoles will have higher resolution and accessing the web and your favourite apps will be a lot quicker too.

In the PT Room, there is the addition of not 1 but 2 weights racks. This is exciting for us as it allows many of you to bench press and squat within the lower level of the building keeping your whole workout together and also is beneficial when the SPC is full.

We are really excited about the changes and we hope you feel the same. We believe that these changes are going to enhance your training experience here at ISE. We would really like to know what you think about the changes made in the upgrade process. Within the gym there are feedback cards and box to let us know alternatively you can email Nik.