Our state-of-the-art gym has over 100 stations. Machinery includes the latest Precor cardio and strength equipment. Our cardio machines have a P80 touchscreen console. These give you internet access, TV and radio, plus docking stations for your own devices.

Preva wristbands

Free to all gym members

Preva is an exciting cloud based network on our touchscreen machines. This allows you to check out the internet, keep yourself up-to-date with all the latest ISE info, watch tv, and more importantly create fitness goals to keep you focused and motivated in your training. 

Download the Preva app on any Android or iPhone and set up an account with your band. Once you have done this Preva will motivate you to succeed on your fitness path:

  • Set your own weekly goals based on calorie burn, distance or workout duration
  • Track your progress to goals and earn fun badges for your achievements
  • Save your favourite workouts so that you can replay the same workout another time
  • Track your workout and access your progress within ISE or record any activity you take part in elsewhere

We want you to use your band in ISE because we believe people who set fitness goals are more likely to achieve them and in return we will reward you with discounts, challenges and all the latest info and blogs from our very own sport and fitness gurus! Find out more about Preva, and for help setting up your very own personal account grab one of our friendly staff when you are in the gym.

Equipment includes:

  • Treadmills
  • Cross-trainers
  • AMT
  • Recumbent Bikes/Standard Bike
  • E-spinner Bikes
  • Smith Machine
  • Resistance Machines
  • Cable Machines

Membership required

Sport & Exercise Exercise

Functional room

Our functional room gives you the opportunity to build strength and stability using core body exercises. Equipment includes:

  • TRX Training Suspension Rig
  • Kettle bells
  • Medicine balls
  • Plyometrics boxes
  • Power Bags
  • Balance Boards
  • Dumbbells

Getting started and staying active

Our team of sport and exercise assistants are here to give you advice and support in each of our gym facilities.

We'll give a 40 minute gym induction to help introduce you to the equipment. You'll get an opportunity to try the equipment and find out how it will help you maximise your training. To book: contact our reception.

Personal training

We have qualified and experienced personal trainers. Whether you are new to the gym or an experienced gym goer looking for better results we can help.