The campus Gym provides a space to exercise and connect with our physical health, in a safe and welcome environment. With over 100 stations within the Gym and mezzanine level you can cycle, run, and row to work up a sweat. Jump on one of the cable strength machines for resistance training or pick up a matt and stretch off before and after your workout. 

All cardio machines have touchscreen consoles for access to the web, your favourite apps, music, and live tv. These also offer a selection of workouts to help progress your fitness and guide you in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. 

Personal Training Suite

This new contemporary physical activity and fitness space is located just outside the main Gym and offers users a combination of Olympic lifting and functional movements. With two strength cages, an assisted lifting rig, kettlebells and dumbbells, the suite is perfect for progressing your fitness while achieving multiple workouts in one location.

In the gym

  • 40 cardiovascular machines (treadmills, cross-trainers, etc)
  • Wattbike spin bikes
  • Two dumbbell racks
  • E-spin bikes
  • Resistance weight machines
  • Cable weight machines
  • Queenaxe rig
  • Multimedia screens
  • Water fountain 

In the suite

  • Two dumbbell racks
  • Resistance bands
  • Two strength cages
  • Kettlebells 
  • Stretch and warm-up mats
  • Wall mirrors
  • Water fountain 


You'll need to bring

Gym kit you are comfortable working out in (shorts, leggings, t-shirt, trainers), a towel, and water.

Membership required

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