Information on this page is aimed at current University students and their dependants.

The information on this page is not relevant to EEA students.

If you are not yet a student at Dundee, visit the International Applicants website, and if you are preparing to join us as a member of staff, visit the Human Resources website.

The International Student Adviser/Manager is Susan Scott.  Please call at the Enquiry Centre, Campus Green, or you can obtain a quick response to your query by emailing

If you have an immigration enquiry, please complete our online enquiry form.

Increase in Immigration Fees April 2018

Immigration fees increased on 6 April 2018. Below are a list of fees most relevant to students:

Leave to Remain Applications - Inside the UK

Type of VisaCost
Tier 4 Standard and all Dependants £475 
Tier 4 (Doctorate Extension Scheme)                     


Tier 4 Priority Service £952
Tier 4 Priority Service, Dependant        £952
Tier 4 Premium Service (Applying in person) £1085
BRP (Replacement Card) £56
Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur)                               


Entry Clearance Applications - Outside the UK

Type of VisaCost
Tier 4 Standard and all dependants                             £348                           
Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur)                                                   


Short term student visa (up to 6 months)                 £97
Standard Visitor Visa (6 months)                            £93
Academic Visitor (6-12 months) £186

A complete table of fee increases can be viewed here:

Time Limits on Study for those who have studied in the UK on a student visa (pre-Tier 4 & Tier 4)

  • Max 2 years below degree level (after the age of 18)
  • Max 5 years  for UG degree
  • Max 6 years for UG & Masters
  • Max 8 years  If the student has completed a course leading to a PhD, postgraduate research qualification os a Masters degree by research in the UK, the grant of leave to remain the applicant is seeking must not lead to the applicant having spent more than 8 years in the UK as a Tier 4 student. However, they may be eligible to apply for an Extension for 12 months after study, under the Doctorate Extension Scheme.

Courses exempt from the above rule are:

  • Architecture
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Law, where the student is progressing to professional training
  • Vetinary Medicine & Science

Further detailed guidance is available in the Tier 4 Policy Guidance.

Immigration Update

Removal of Established Presence and Increase in Maintenance Requirements for Tier 4 visa applications from 12 November 2015

The 'established presence' provision is being removed, so all students must show they have sufficient funds to support themselves throughout the duration of their remaining study, or for up to a maximum of nine months (whichever is shorter)

The level of funds that Tier 4 (General) and Tier 4 (Dependants) must demonstrate for living costs will increase from 12 November 2015 as below:

Tier 4 (General) will increase from £820 to £1015 per month of study, up to a maximum of 9 months

Tier 4 (Dependant) will increase from £615 to £680 per month of main applicant’s study, up to a maximum of 9 months.

In line with these changes, the maximum amount already paid for accommodation which can be offset against the maintenance requirements is also being increased to £1265.

If you cannot show required funds in your bank account, you can provide supporting documentation from your parent/guardian in the form of original banks statements (held over 28 days), a supporting letter and your original birth certificate (all translated in to English).
In all cases, bank statements must be dated within one month of submitting your application and the funds must be maintained for the last 28 days.

NHS Health Surcharge

The Home Office will be introducing an immigration NHS health surcharge on the 6 April 2015.  The surcharge will be set at £150 a year for students applying for a Tier 4 visa outside the UK and extending their visa within the UK.  This fee should be paid before a visa application is submitted.

Guidance available here:

Introduction of BRP’s for entry clearance applications

The Home Office is introducing biometric residence permits (BRPs) for entry clearance applicants who apply for permission to come to the UK for more than six months.  This will affect applications made in Pakistan on or after 18 March 2015 and will be extended to the rest of the world in three further stages.  Students arriving in the UK in September 2015 will be required to collect a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from a post office within ten days of arriving in the UK.   More details available here:

Visiting Routes

On 24th April, fifteen visitor routes will be streamlined into four new routes.  The current ‘student visitor’ will be replaced by the ‘short term student’ route

Advice on extending your leave as a student

When extending your student visa, we strongly advise you prepare well in advance, at least 6 weeks if you can. To make an appointment please complete our enquiry form

For further details on the application process see our information sheets.

CAS (Certificate of Acceptance of Study)

All applicants for Tier 4 Visa Extensions must be issued with a CAS number. The CAS number holds information on an electronic system accessed by UKVI.

Before you can be issued with a CAS we ask you to complete our online enquiry form 

Your CAS number and statement will be issued following a request by the International Adviser. This will normally be processed within five working days of the request being made, and on confirmation of tuition fee payment and your academic progress to date.

The Batch Scheme

In addition to our continuing support to International students, and in light of the new tighter regulations introduced by the UKVI, the International Advice Service run a service whereby we will check and send your student visa extension application through the Student Batch Scheme.

All registered students who need to extend their visa to continue their studies at this University must contact the International Advice Service to make an appointment. You will be required to complete the appropriate visa renewal application online form and provide all supporting documents.

Applications will be posted by special delivery on a weekly basis, depending on demand.

To cover postage and administration there will be a service charge of £5 per application, £10 per family. Please note additional costs apply to follow on documents.

Once you complete the on-line enquiry form (above) and receive your CAS, you will be asked to book an appointment by emailing

For more information see our factsheet: Batch Scheme UK Border Agency Batch Postal Service for Students

Doctorate Extension Scheme

Those students who are due to complete their PhD studies after 6th April 2013, will be entitled to apply to extend their stay in the UK under the Doctorate Extension Scheme to be sponsored by the awarding institution.  For more information see: Doctorate Extension Scheme

Visitor Visas

If you have come in to the UK on a short-term 'student visitor' visa you can study for up to 6 months but you will not be allowed to extend as a student in the UK. Therefore if you do have 'student visitor' status rather than 'student' status and you need more time to complete your studies, you would be required to return home to apply for entry clearance as a Tier 4 student or apply for another student visitor visa to continue your studies. View extending your stay information on the UKVI website.

Those on General 'Visitor' visas are strictly not allowed to study.

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