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International Student Guide

Download our brochure for international students

Travel guidance for international students

Covid-19 travel guidance for international students returning to the University of Dundee from overseas

Preparing to extend your student visa

Advice on how to extend your Student visa, and the application checking service offered by the International Advice Service

Submitting your student visa application in the UK using UKVCAS

You may need an appointment with UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services to register your biometric details

Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) is used by the UK Government to stop the spread of knowledge and skills that could be used in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

Replacing a lost or stolen passport, visa, or BRP

Find out what to do if you have lost your passport, visa, or biometric residence permit, or if it has been stolen

Working during study as Student visa holder

Your ability to work will depend on the conditions of your visa, if you are able to work you will also need to apply for a National Insurance Number

Working after study

If you have studied using a Tier 4 / Student visa there are several methods to work in the UK after the end of your course

Apply for a Graduate visa

This route is for international students who want to work following the successful completion of a course of study at UK bachelor’s degree-level or above

Staying compliant with your Student Visa (formally Tier 4)

This guide is to ensure both you and the University remain compliant with the conditions of sponsorship

Apply for a Standard Visitor visa for short courses or Graduation

For certain short courses you may need a Standard Visitor Visa, you should also apply for one if your Student visa / Tier 4 visa has expired before your Graduation ceremony

Apply for a Standard Visitor visa for family or friends to visit

Learn how your family and friends can apply for visas to come and visit you in the UK, and what documentation you will need to provide for them

Bring your family to the UK while you study using a Student visa

You are able to apply to allow dependants, who are family or partners, to stay in the UK with the main Student visa holder during their studies

Apply for a Schengen visa

If you are a UK Student visa holder and wish to travel to other European countries for a holiday you need to apply for a Schengen visa

Apply for a Start-up visa as an entrepreneur

If you want to start up your own business after you graduate, you will need a Start-up visa. You can see if you meet the eligibility requirements and how you can apply in this guide.

Finding private accommodation: advice for international students

Advice for if you're moving to the UK and are not using University arranged accommodation, or are moving from University housing to private

Healthcare in the UK for EU, EEA and Swiss Students

For students currently in the UK or coming to the UK before 31 December 2020