The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 provides a general right of access to all information held by public authorities, including universities.

Should you wish to request information from the University of Dundee you may do so by contacting the relevant section or by emailing Where possible you should consult the University's Publication Scheme before contacting the University. This document contains instructions on how to access a large amount of information about the institution. Extensive notes on freedom of information issues and the operation of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act are available in the University's Information compliance FAQs.


Standard Operating Procedures - Freedom of Information


Useful information
  • Guidance on searching for informationto help when looking for information to respond to freedom of information requests.
  • Monitoring information on information compliance at the University of Dundee (as reported to Information Management Committee and the Audit Committee of University Court) - Information Compliance Report, 2016‌.
  • The case file for each freedom of information request received by the University is normally retained for the calendar year in which the request was received + five years.