Supporting employers to develop the skills of their workforce.

Graduate Level Apprenticeships are a new type of degree being offered this year by University of Dundee.  The combination of work-based learning and high quality education allows both employers and students to benefit in a number of ways.

Businesses can either recommend an existing employee to undertake a GLA or hire a new member of staff.  Current employees could be professionals who have no formal education and are keen to progress, or non-technical employees moving into IT, software development, or engineering.

This kind of work-based learning offers great opportunities for people to develop the skills that our industrial partners are looking for, and strengthens the links between the University and business.

Karen Petrie
Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, School of Science and Engineering

There is high demand for GLA spaces from applicants looking to undertake a degree.  The prospect of gaining experience in a relevant job whilst getting a degree appeals to motivated and career-minded students as well as professionals who are looking to retrain.

University of Dundee GLA courses include:


What is a GLA?

  • Graduate Level Apprenticeships are an honours degree which uses work-based learning
  • GLAs provide a new way for people to study for a degree who are currently in employment, or who want to work in a relevant role gaining the right experience while studying.
  • Employees can broaden their knowledge, learn new skills and secure industry accreditation, which will them progress as professionals and contribute to the business they are employed by.
  • By investing in their staff through the apprenticeships, employers can develop their workforce and support staff to develop their skills to industry and professional standards, in turn supporting the business and developing new solutions to date to day challenges.
  • Because the GLA is designed around the needs of industry, employers will have confidence that what their staff are learning at university will directly contribute to the success of the business.

This provides opportunities for employers to help shape the skills of their employees and to address skills shortages affecting their industry and the local economy. SDS is delighted to be working with the University of Dundee to deliver all four Graduate Level Apprenticeships and we look forward to working together to develop the skills employers need.

Jonathan Clark
Director of Service Design and Innovation at Skills Development Scotland

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