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Anna Dimitrova

Anna DimitrovaMA (Hons) European Studies and International Relations

"Studying European Studies and International Relations at the University was one of my wisest choices in life and as all good things in life a coincidence too. It took me just two months to appreciate and discover all the different academic and extra curricular opportunities on offer here. Now, three years later it feels like I could have done so much more. The quality of the course, its contemporary applicability and flexibility to develop your personal interest is what made me feel prepared about my future. After being accepted to the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies I received confirmation that my confidence was well routed.

I will be always grateful for the friends I met here and for the irreplaceable education I received at the University of Dundee."

Philip Engelholm

Philip EngelholmMA (Hons) Philosophy and International Relations

‌When he graduated Philip was set to form part of a deployment responsible for monitoring a peace treaty between factions from the north and south of Sudan and is upheld as a member of the Danish army on secondment to a UN International Peacekeeping Force.

He decided he wanted to study in Scotland after leaving the army, and applied to Dundee after being impressed by the University's efforts to attract international students and the courses on offer. "The University has done a lot to diversify its student populace by recruiting an ever increasing number from continental Europe. Also, the University enjoys a strong reputation for contemporary European philosophy, something which is very unusual in the UK."

"It has always been in the back of my mind to work in conflict resolution in some way, but didn't know in exactly what context," he said. "Africa is where my main interest lies, and I want to work in areas such as self-determination and constitutional change. Although we'll be part of the army, seconded to the UN, we'll be unarmed. Even though we'll be in uniform, we will work purely to monitor the peace treaty and whether it is being upheld."

Sharon Mars

Sharon MarsMA (Hons) American Studies and English

"I graduated with a first-class Master of Arts degree in American Studies and English. During my time at Dundee I took the opportunity to study at the University of South Carolina in the United States for a semester. My time spent in the USA added another dimension to my studies, allowing me to more fully appreciate the events I studied because I had visited their locations. Looking to the future, I hope to embark on a career in Public Relations incorporating brand marketing and crisis management. Ultimately, I aim to develop a career which allows me to build on the international knowledge and experience I gained during my studies."

Ilze Plavgo

Ilze PlavgoEuropean Studies and International Relations

"I chose to do my undergraduate degree in Scotland in order to gain a wider international outlook and benefit fully from the highly developed Scottish educational system, as well as the breadth of module choice at the University of Dundee. I spent a year in Universitè Pierre-Mendès France on a year-long ERASMUS exchange - a wonderful experience that helped me develop my language skills and my understanding of the different cultures across Europe. Both universities gave me great insight into the organisation of different international & regional organisations, leading me to Brussels for an internship with the Permanent Representatation of Latvia to the European Union. My next step is to study for an MSc in Public Policy and Human Development, specialising in "Globalisation, Trade and Development", at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance."

Rory Martin

MA (Hons) History

"Dundee was not a university that first came up on my radar. However, when I first set foot on campus I was captivated by the building and regeneration work at the time, which clearly pointed to a forward thinking university that wanted to leave a legacy and invest in its students. It was clear that we weren't pawns to be filled with knowledge, but people with whom they wanted to affect and transform the course of their lives for their good, by providing the best education and student experience.  Dundee is an overlooked gem of a city to live and study in.  It is an ideal place to thrive while you live and study here.

In the year after graduation, I took ten months out to work voluntarily as a Relay worker with Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF: The Christian Union) in Glasgow.  I then returned to study for a Masters in Multimedia Journalism at Glasgow Caledonian University.

The Civil Rights movement has inspired me greatly.  I was captivated by discovering that the power of television reporting was a catalyst for change and shaped what we were to know about it for generations after. My desire is to go beyond simply studying events, and be the journalist that tells the story on the front line.  I see my role as a fledgling journalist on whatever medium that is used to engage and inform people about what happens."

Nicole Kapphahn

Nicole KapphahnExchange Student from the University of Northern British Columbia

"History of the Book has been a highly enjoyable and informative class.  The course gave me invaluable experience in working with old books and manuscripts, and introduced me to the archives, for which I am extremely grateful. I have been able to gain invaluable work experience that will influence my ability to get into graduate school. Thanks to this course, I am now more certain of my career path. History of the Book introduced me to new books to read in depth, along with new ideas to research and pursue in my work in anthropology. I now have new ideas about studying the anthropological aspects of book history! It will be an enjoyable experience to apply what I have learned here to my classes at home.

In addition, I  highly enjoyed learning Latin throughout this course.  I am pleased that I will be able to use my Latin classes as a jumping-off point for my own independent study. I really enjoyed seeing how each class fit together and built on the previous lesson. Throughout the course, I have delighted in handling old books and manuscripts, and will definitely hold onto that experience for a long time. History of the Book has also given me more of an appreciation for building a personal collection for myself, as I have now compiled a long list of books I wish to have for myself, including both primary and secondary sources! All in all, History of the Book taught me a lot, gave me much in the way of valuable work experience, and was an all-round gratifying experience."

History of the Book is a module that is available to take in level 4 of the MA degree.

Lyndsay Hartnack

MA (Hons) English with German

"I did a semester of Erasmus exchange at Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg.  Having experienced living and studying abroad gave me a thirst to travel.  I now have friends all over the world as a result.  Using German on a daily basis and having a real connection to the culture helped me to flourish in my final year at the University of Dundee.  The German staff at Dundee were always helpful and supportive and due to the small class sizes we had a great personal bond with them.  The course was varied and I particularly enjoyed the translation and bilateral interpretation classes.  

Having studied another language has helped me in my current profession as an English Foreign Language Teacher in South Korea.  I understand the difficulties that learners face and that helps me to be a better teacher.  Having a second language means I have travelled and my first job after Dundee was a language assistant in Austria.  Studying languages at Dundee meant I got involved in a student tutoring programme helping with languages in a local high school and the Erasmus programme.  These experiences changed my life and shaped my future."

Katie Jowett

Katie JowettMA (Hons) English & History

"Since graduating in 2014 I have worked for the University of Dundee in the Medical School in a student support role and I am now in Student Recruitment and Admissions working as an enquiries assistant and helping with recruitment events in the University and UK.  I am also halfway through a Masters Degree in Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow. 

The most enjoyable thing about my degree at Dundee was the passion and interaction with the staff.  In lectures you can see the lecturer's passion for the subject and it becomes infectious.  I also loved being part of the DUSA (Dundee University Students Association) executive and getting to see a side of the University and staff that students don't normally see, making a positive difference for my peers."

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