Susana Carvajal

Lecturer in Spanish


Lecturer in Spanish


  • PG Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education. University of Dundee
  • Specialist Teacher of Spanish for Business, Universidad Complutense Madrid
  • Specialist Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language, Universidad de Barcelona
  • Certificate of Aptitude to Teach, Universidad Complutense Madrid
  • Honors Degree in Hispanic Philology, U.N.E.D, Madrid

Career History

  • Lecturer in Spanish, University of Dundee, Languages. (2014 – Present)
  • Tutor in Spanish, University of Dundee, Languages. (2012 – 2014)
  • Spanish Teacher. International House Madrid, Madrid (Nov-2006 - Jun-2012)
  • Spanish Teacher for Business. Corporate Language Training, Madrid (March-2006 - Feb-2009)
  • Part time Spanish Teacher for Several Languages Schools, Madrid (Feb-2006 - Feb-2007)


  • Teaching of Languages for All Spanish courses, Stages 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and all associated duties e.g. preparation of material and assessment.
  • Teaching of twice-yearly Beginners Spanish six-week courses, including compilation of program and preparation of materials.
  • Teaching of Intensive Spanish Course by Distance Learning
  • Teaching of Intensive Spanish Revision Course by Distance Learning
  • Teaching of Intensive Spanish for beginners. Access Summer School.
  • Teaching of Practical Spanish for Medical Students
  • Teaching of Applied Spanish 1and 2 and Applied Spanish4 Intensive


Collaboration with editorial Edinumen

Co-author of textbooks

  • Cuaderno para hispanohablantes (2 units) (978-1-107-47292-1)
  • Section “¡Acción!” in Mundo Real 1 (978-1-107-10986-5), Mundo Real 2 

(978-1-107-11020-5) and Mundo Real 3 (978-1-107-11022-9).

  • Section “¡En vivo!” in Entornos (9781107468528), Contextos A1-A2 

(978-84-9848-911-8) and Contextos A2-B1 (978-84-9848-913-2)

Other collaborations

  • Copy editor.  Español para el comercio mundial. ISBN 978-84-9848-634-6
  • Proofreader. Aprendemos. Gramática para estudiantes italianos.

ISBN 978-84-9848-824-1

  • Coordinator. Guadalingo, video game for learning Spanish by immersion.
  • Webinar: Incorporating video games into the ELE program. How to integrate Guadalingo into your Spanish classes. 10/11/2017

Research & Scholarship

Research interests in the field of language awareness


Diaries as a pedagogical tool for acquired bilingualism : a pilot study exploring adult language learning in a university setting,

Research Output: Contribution To Conference > Paper

El uso de diarios como herramienta pedagógica en la clase de Español : un proyecto de la Universidad de Dundee.

8/2018, TECLA Revista de la Consejeria de Educacion en el Reino Unido e Irlanda
Research Output: Contribution To Journal > Article

Diaries as a pedagogical tool for exploring metalinguistic awareness in a university setting

Research Output: Contribution To Conference > Paper