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Professor of Comics Studies & Assoc Dean Knowledge Exchange Impact & Employability



Professor Murray's research area is comics, although he also works on Film. He is primarily interested in British and American Comics, and writers such as Grant Morrison and Alan Moore. He is currently writing a book on the British Superhero.

He has published on various aspects of comics, including:

  • the relationship between American superhero comics, popular culture and propaganda during World War Two;
  • the comics of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison;
  • horror comics;
  • independent/small press comics (mini-comics);
  • British comics, specifically DC Thomson.

Chris is editor (along with Dr Julia Round) of new peer-reviewed comics journal, Studies in Comics (Intellect Books). He is Secretary of the Scottish Word and Image Group, and co-editor of Universe Publications titles such as Anthology and Tales of the Universe, which publish work by comics students.  He is also on the Steering Committee of the Centre for Scottish Culture:

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Top tips for students

Before studying Comics, Chris recommends that you:

  • Read lots of comics!
  • Investigate the rich variety of comics scholarship being produced, and attend a comics conference
  • Think critically about comics as a medium, in terms of narratology, composition, and form

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Articles & Chapters

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Encyclopedia Entries

  • Entry on Comics Theory for Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Cultural Theory, ed. by M. Keith Booker.
  • Entry on Comics and Graphic Novels for Encyclopaedia Britannica.
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  • “Comics and Culture Conference”, in Comics Forum (London: Comics Creator's Guild, 1999)

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News and Online Articles