Carmen Garcia del Rio

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Lecturer in Spanish



I am a member of the Spanish language teaching team.

My current teaching practice is based upon what I have learned through experience as well as through study, and techniques I have tried, observed, refined and reflected upon.

My approach has at its foundation the concept that it is the student who must do the learning; therefore a good teacher will facilitate this by providing a safe and challenging learning environment, a clear sequence of learning opportunities made explicit to the students, fair assessment, motivation and support.

My experience

Prior to my appointment at the University of Dundee in 2011, for 13 years I was the Senior Language Tutor of Spanish at the University of St Andrews, where I was responsible for the language provision including material and programme creation, training and support of tutors, I taught Spanish at Lancaster University, in Further Education in various institutions in Cumbria, and in two secondary schools.

I have an MA in Language Studies and a PGCE (Secondary) from Lancaster University, a PGDip in Administrative Studies from Leeds Business School, a Degree in Spanish Philology and a Certificate of Aptitude to Teach from the University of Santiago de Compostela.

I have published Spanish textbooks and courses with Hodder & Stoughten, Harper Collins and the Open University.



  • Applied Languages Programme (First, Second, Third and Fourth Year)
  • Graduate Diploma in Spanish by Distance-Learning
  • Languages for All Programme (Stage 2 Lower Intermediate)
  • Intensive Spanish Course for medical students
  • Languages for All Programme (Stage 3 &4 Intermediate: 2012-13, Stage 5, 6&7 Advance 2011-12/2012-13)
  • Intensive Spanish Course by Distance Learning (2011-2012)
  • Intensive Spanish Revision Course by Distance Learning (2011-2012)

Academic Coordinator for the Intensive Spanish Course and the Intensive Spanish Revision Course by Distance-Learning.

Scholarly Interests & Publications

Scholarly Interests

  • Development of language teaching courses and materials
  • Promotion of learner autonomy
  • Language teacher training
  • Development of Self-access Language Learning material
  • Distance learning approaches in Language teaching and learning

Since joining the University of Dundee I have reviewed and completely rewritten each of the courses I teach.


Tony Buzan and Carmen García del Río(2010), Collins Language Revolution - Spanish Grammar Buster, HarperCollins Publishers.

Tony Buzan and Carmen García del Río(2009), Collins Language Revolution – Word Power Spanish (Audio CD), HarperCollins Publishers.

Tony Buzan, Carmen García del Río, and Diego de Jesus, Collins (2009) Language Revolution –Latin American Spanish: Beginner (Book & 2 CDs), HarperCollins Publishers.

Tony Buzan and Carmen García del Río (2009) Collins Language Revolution –Spanish: Beginner Plus (Book & 2CDs), HarperCollins Publishers.

Carmen García del Río (2008), Collins Easy Learning Spanish Audio Course – audio book (Stage 1), HarperCollins Publishers.

Tony Buzan and Carmen García del Río (2008), Collins Language Revolution – Spanish: Beginner (Book & 2 CDs – 3 Mar 2008) HarperCollins Publishers.

Carmen García del Río (2005), ¡En Marcha!: An Intensive Spanish Course for Beginners (Textbook and CD), Hodder Arnold publishers.

Consultant author of the following books for the Open University Spanish Course:

A buen puerto, Book 7, Al aire libre: La conservación del patrimonio natural. Open University, 2001 (Year 3).

A bordo, Book 7 ¿Te acuerdas…? Open University, 2000 (Year 2).

En Rumbo 2 A fresh start in Spanish 2, Hechos y acontecimientos. Routledge & Open University, 1999 (Year 1).