Caitlin McDonald

Research Student - Propaganda in the early collaborations of Powell and Pressburger



Research Topic

Examining the ‘Good German’ in Emeric Pressburger’s Screenplays and Novels

Despite being an equal in the most significant partnership in British cinema, Emeric Pressburger has largely been overshadowed by his long term collaborator Michael Powell in both critical and academic studies.  My research will attempt to redress the balance within Powell and Pressburger scholarship and attempt to break away from director-centric film studies. It will aim to examine Pressburger’s morally ambiguous characters, such as the recurring “good German” and his propensity to humanise characters that would normally be termed evil or corrupt, in conjunction with the central themes of displacement and exile within Pressburger’s screenplays and novels.



 Dr Brian Hoyle


 First Degree: MA (Hons) English and Film Studies (University of Dundee)

Masters Degree: MLitt Film Studies (University of Dundee)



Introduction to the 2015 edition of  Emeric Pressburger’s novel The Glass Pearls (Faber Finds, 2015)

‘ “I am Big, It’s the Pictures that got Small”: The Talkies Discuss the Silent Era’ in The Golden Age, ed. By Elizabeth Rogers, Jeffrey W. Smith, Chris Murray and Laura Findlay (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016)