Aliki Varvogli

+44 (01382) 384418
Snr Lecturer in English & Assoc Dean for Learning & Teaching



I was born and raised in Greece, where I studied English and American Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I then completed my MA and PhD at the University of East Anglia, and I have been at Dundee since 2001.

I work in the area of contemporary American fiction, and my current projects include studies of ‘credit crunch fiction’ and of the police procedural.

I have published books, articles and book chapters on various American authors, including Paul Auster, Philip Roth, Annie Proulx, Jonathan Safran Foer and many others.

I currently teach courses on Multi-Ethnic American Fiction and American Crime Fiction and I contribute to the Creative Writing Master’s Programme.  I am also the Learning & Teaching Co-ordinator for English.

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Dr Varvogli was a 2015 joint winner of a CASS Teaching & Good Practice Award in the category Quite Amazing, for her work in raising awareness of employability and cultural diversity with her 'Other Americas' module.

Research Interests

Research Interests

Dr Varvogli's research interests include:

  • Contemporary American literature;
  • Postmodernism;
  • narratives of immigration;
  • crime fiction;
  • literature and the urban experience;
  • literature and travel;
  • transatlanticism;
  • 9/11 fiction.

My current work focuses on American literary responses to financial crisis, and I am also working on the police procedural and forensic thriller genres.

I would welcome PhD proposals in any of the areas listed above.

AHRC funded studentships are available in my research area - more details.

Dr Varvogli's most recent publication is Travel and Dislocation in Contemporary American Fiction. The book discusses, among others, Russell Banks, Jonathan Safran Foer, Amy Tan, Ethan Canin and Chang-rae Lee.

Dr Varvogli is the series editor, with Dr Chris Gair from the University of Glasgow, of Approaches to Contemporary American Literature. For further information, or to submit a book proposal, please visit

She has guest-edited, with Dr Tatiani Rapatzikou from the University of Thessaloniki, a special issue of the scholarly journal Gramma. Please visit to find out more about the journal.

Dr Varvogli has also contributed entries on the American novel for Encarta, and is working on entries on Annie Proulx and Jonathan Safran Foer for the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century American Fiction.




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