We asked some of our AHRC studentship recipients what the studentship meant to them - find out what they said.

"Realistically, AHRC funding has enabled me to continue with my research.

My first year was self-funded, which was sometimes a struggle financially and had I not won this studentship there was a possibility that I would not have been able to complete my PhD.  Aside from the financial aspect, being in receipt of this funding means I'm part of the Scottish Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities (SGSAH), which has given me further opportunities to meet other researchers and develop my skills through their calendar of academic events.  The competitive funding available through the studentship may also allow me to travel to Spain for a few months this year, which will be essential to my project.

In short, many doors have been opened which would otherwise be shut thanks to SGSAH and the AHRC DTP Studentship."

Hannah Rose, Spanish comics as a reflection of twentieth century social, political and cultural Spanish history

"Winning an AHRC DTP studentship not only meant I was able to embark on my doctoral research with a sense of financial security, but also affirmed that my chosen topic merited support of this kind.

It is really exciting to be part of SGSAH, which provides a host of training and development opportunities and connects me with a diverse student body. The SGSAH staff are very friendly and approachable, and show a real enthusiasm for the wide range of Humanities projects they support. They are also keen to work alongside us SGSAH students to enhance our professional skills more broadly, and prepare us for life beyond our PhDs both within and outwith academia, by inviting us to contribute to researcher committees, design training sessions and take part in conferences."

Eleanore Widger, Formal innovation in contemporary landscape poetry as the rearticulation of romantic attitudes towards environment

"I am over-the-moon to have gained an AHRC scholarship. 

It has not only provided me with tuition fees and a grant(which is obviously the most amazing position for any student to be in!) but has really boosted my confidence (it feels like a reassurance that I can do it and that my research has some value - and I think all researchers will recognise that they question themselves sometimes - particularly those of us at the beginning of academic careers), provided a network of other students to engage with (the organisers are really trying to create a sense of community amongst the students) and provides amazing training opportunities. 

What I love about the SGSAH (which all AHRC grant recipients are members of) is the scope for students to shape it, identify training needs and create our own opportunities."

Helen Whiting, Gender and national identity in Scottish family group portraits circa 1740-1790

"Winning an SGSAH scholarship has been extremely significant for me. The scholarship funds have enabled me to pursue my dream of conducting in-depth research in a field that I am very passionate about (comics academia) and to meet researchers in a variety of disciplines."

Kelly Kanayama, Man of Steel, Cups of Tea: Narrative and exchange in contemporary transatlantic comics