The School of Humanities Postgraduate Forum is aimed at postgraduate students in the School of Humanities. They are aimed at promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and showcasing the work of our postgraduate community.

For the students, they provide experience at presenting their work, and receiving feedback in a supportive environment.

Staff, students from other Schools, and undergraduate students are all welcome to attend.

Forum #5 2015-16

Weds 9th March, 5-7pm, Baxter 1.36

Celebrate International Women's Day with a showcase of postgraduate student's work, looking at women's lives, issues and experiences.


  • Faye Harland, English PhD: '"The Cinderella of the Arts": Modernist Women and Cinema'
  • Gregg Barrie, English PhD: '"When it comes to the subject of feminism, I've remained ever-so-slightly quiet": Jennifer Lawrence and the inequality of Hollywood'
  • Siobhan Morison, MFA Art & Humanities: '365 Days, 365 Self-portraits: an exploration into drawing as ritual'
  • Jillian Fleck, MLitt Comics: '"Don't you wonder sometimes, 'bout sound and vision": Text, Image and Erasure in Skim'
  • Ana Hine, Art & Philosophy in Contemporary Practice graduate: 'Artificial Womb: A Discussion of Feminist Zines'

All are welcome to attend! To speak at a forthcoming forum please contact Faye on

Forum #4 2015-16

Weds 3rd February, 5-7pm, Baxter 1.36


  • Andrew Godfrey, Comics PhD (University of Dundee): 'Right in the funny bone: Comics & Medicine, a match made in heaven?'
  • Mariclaire White, English PhD (University of Stirling): 'The cultural and economical value of Literary Tourism in Scotland'
  • Stephen Whitehead, Philosophy PhD (University of Dundee): 'Performed Myths: Ritual on the World-Stage' 

All Humanities staff and students are welcome to attend! To speak at either of the upcoming forums (9th March or 6th April) please contact Faye on

Forum #3 2015-16

Weds 25th November, 5-7pm, Dalhousie 1G10


This week the forum will be a training session on academic writing skills led by Gordon Spark (CASTLE) and Andy Jackson (LLC).

All MLitt and PhD students are welcome to attend.

The session will be an informal, discussion-based workshop, focusing on the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate level, improving your written work, time-management, and effective planning and referencing.

Forum #2 2015-16

Weds 18th November, 5-7pm, Frankland Screening Room



  • Informal discussion about AHRC funding applications - feel free to bring your application along for advice!


  • Chris Gerrard (MFA): 'Multi-layered: The Influence of Overlaid Images in Silent Cinema on the Works of Peter Greenaway'
  • Gregg Barrie (Film Research): '"I Just Dropped In To ... ‘Kill the Wabbit!": Intertextual Interpretations and Implications in The Big Lebowski’s Dream Sequence'
  • Paul McFadyen (English Research): 'The Exomale; a Medieval Tin Man'
  • Lawrie Dower (English Research): '"Lovers be war and tak gude heid about": memento mori in Henryson'

Forum #1 2015-16

Weds 4th November, 5-7pm, Baxter 1.36

'Thinking Place'


  • Eleanore Widger (English PhD): 'Walking, cognitive process and embodied perception in romantic poetry and painting'
  • Josie Moore (Philosophy MLitt): 'What might it mean to dwell? Ecologies, "intimate immensity", and landscape as oikos'
  • Kirsty Strang (Scottish Literature PhD, University of Glasgow): 'Festival Landscapes and Place-Making'