The School of Humanities Postgraduate Conference is held annually.

Arts and Humanities in the Community: Past, Present and Future

9 May 2019

The past year has been culturally momentous for Dundee. The £1 billion waterfront regeneration project, with the new V&A at its centre, received widespread media attention and showed the world that Dundee has a thriving cultural community. At the same time, the investment in the museum, and the previous bid for City of Culture, have drawn criticism from those who argue that culture is elitist and the money is better spent tackling social problems such as housing, food poverty, health and education. 

In line with these important debates, and Dundee’s investment in its future, the theme of this year’s conference addresses the role that the arts and humanities have historically played in the community, the role it currently plays, and how it may contribute in the future.

Interruption, Disruption, Eruption

11 May 2018

This year the conference is themed around 'Interruption, Disruption, Eruption' .

Deja Vu

11th May 2017

This year the conference is themed around 'Deja Vu: Recall, Reiteration, Resistance' .

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12th-13th May 2016

The 2016 conference theme aimed to explore the concept of 'Rebirth' in both academic and creative terms.

Lost in Translation?

Weds 13th May 2015

The 2015 conference theme aimed to explore applications of the notion of ‘Translation’ in both academic and/or creative terms.

Border Crossings

Thurs 15th May 2014

This event explored the diverse applications of the notion of ‘Border Crossings’ in both academic and creative terms.  ‘Border Crossings’ - research approaches or practical methodologies. Traditional academic papers were combined with a drama performance and an exhibition.

The Lost Subject

Thurs 14th May 2013

The conference aimed to discuss the diverse applications and conceptions of the term ‘The Lost Subject’, in both academic and creative terms.  The ‘Lost Subject’ is arguably why one’s research or practice is original or involves lost material, yet this conference also welcomed discussion of material that is ‘lost’ in the process of shaping one’s work and might lead to other avenues of enquiry or practice. 

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Points in Discovery

Sat 5th May 2012

The inaugural conference asked postgraduate students to discuss their own "Points in Discovery".