Gothic literature and children's literacy - a blogger's guide

PhD student Lauren Christie has been producing fascinating blog posts for the Scottish Book Trust recently. Looking at Gothic literature and children's literacy, she has covered topics such as why we love to read horror, and five tips to explore gothic fiction with children.

Lauren is a second year research postgraduate student in the School of Humanities here at the University of Dundee, having also previously completed her Masters and undergraduate degrees with us. She told us a bit more about the blog project and how she came to be a guest author for the Scottish Book Trust.

"My research recognises the influential presences Gothic tropes have on traditional and modern children’s fiction, and ways in which this genre, given the proper platform within education, has the capability to attract younger readers.

"Admiring the work carried out by Scottish Book Trust, and the impact their projects have on children and families, from early development to late teens, I met with Chris Leslie (Schools Resources Developer) in order to explain more about my doctoral research. I now produce regular blogs for Scottish Book Trust on various issues regarding literature and literacy for children and adults, helping to spread Scottish Book Trust’s messages about the benefits of reading and writing for pleasure.

"These blogs are published on their website, receiving nationwide exposure. My first blog ‘5 Tips to Explore Gothic Fiction with Children’ draws on the inspiration from my doctoral research on why we should be encouraging more children and teens to read Gothic fiction. My blog published at the start of February 2018, titled ‘Why We Love to Read Horror’ is written for an adult audience concerning reasons behind the immense popularity of this genre. I examine the human curiosity surrounding death, and the therapeutic benefits to be found reading this subject matter.

"As my doctoral research develops I hope to continue producing blogs for Scottish Book Trust, whilst also developing recommended reading guides for children of various ages. This will help strengthen the academic field of children’s Gothic fiction within education, and will contribute to the positive impact of the work carried out by Scottish Book Trust."

You can read Lauren's blog posts here: