Arctic Researcher to visit Science Fiction Programme in Dundee

Marcin Dymet, of the University of Lapland’s Arctic Centre, Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (Finland), will be visiting the University of Dundee from the 22-28 November 2018.

Mr Dymet is joining us to find out about our teaching and research in order to gauge how Science Fiction can be used as a tool for understanding real world issues affecting the human relationship with the Arctic ecology and its wildlife. He has been particularly drawn by the city’s rich heritage of polar exploration and the use of the arctic framing narrative in Frankenstein, the ‘Ur-text’ of Science Fiction. This was based on Mary Shelley’s own experience of 19th century Dundee as a whaling port and shipyard for icebreakers.

Mr Dymet will also take part in discussions with School of Humanities staff who are developing a potential new programme in Arctic Studies, with a view to future international collaboration. The Being Human Festival is currently celebrating the bicentenary of Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, with a programme of events and activities climaxing in this weekend’s Phantasmagoria.

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