Mother Tongue - Other Tongue: Poetry Competition

Calling all our aspiring poet students! Don't miss out on your opportunity to submit a poem, either in your own language or a language you are learning, for the Scotland-wide Mother Tongue Other Tongue writing competition.

This Scotland-wide multilingual poetry project, organised by SCILT (Scotland's National Language Centre) and UCMLS (University Council Modern Languages Scotland), celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity through creative writing, and showcases the many languages which are spoken and learned by young people in schools, colleges, universities and at home.

Register your interest by 27th October on the competition's Eventbrite page and then submit your poem/video by 1st December to Marion Sporing in the School of Humanities ( You need to have pre-registered with SCILT on the Eventbrite page before submitting your entry.

Further information:

  • You can work alone, in pairs or in groups. 
  • You can use one language or a variety of languages, especially for bilinguals or those learning 2+ languages (as long as it isn’t English). British Sign Language, Scots and Gaelic are most welcome too.
  • The accompanying commentary is VERY important (see the full guidelines) and should be written in English.
  • You do NOT have to translate into English but some people do choose to do so, that’s fine.
  • You can submit video or audio files instead of a written poem.
  • The poem must be your own original work. 
  • You could choose to do a rap or song instead of a poem if you wish to.