International students to study MFA Art & Humanities at the University of Dundee thanks to overseas scholarships

Two postgraduate overseas scholarships have been awarded from the University of Dundee’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and the School of Humanities.

The students, Ricardo Bennett-Guzmán, originally from Mexico, and Addison Galagan, from Minnesota, are outstanding candidates who each will bring their own distinctive skills to the University of Dundee. 

Comparable to the North American model of 'Graduate Assistantships', the two artists/scholars will also be contributing their expertise and knowledge to the University.

The MFA Art & Humanities programme combines studio art and masters level modules in the humanities (such as Philosophy, English or Film Studies).

Addison Galagan is a visual artist who is connected to the natural world through his practice as a photographer. He enjoys collecting natural artefacts, and displaying them as curated objects. He is from the Midwestern United States, where he attended the University of Minnesota to study architecture, the visual arts, and art history as an undergraduate.  He is looking forward to learning about Scotland’s culture and its physical landscape over the next year.

Ricardo Bennett-Guzmán is an experimental media artist, photographer, and filmmaker. Born and raised in the border city of Juarez, Mexico; he arrived in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, U.S. in 2011. He has been exploring different topics within the humanities that can contribute to his practice and enhance the complexity of human experience. Ricardo has a passion for the social sciences and human interactions around the world, which make great case studies for his practice. His work explores the challenges that we confront as we move towards new paradigms that can help the human creativity to flourish, question and challenge the political, cultural, and economical dimensions of globalization.

Mary Modeen, course director of the MFA Art & Humanities programme said, “We are delighted to be able to support these two artists, and hope to help them reach success in their careers.” 

Come along to the Masters Show 2016 to see the work of current MFA Art & Humanities students, which is now open and runs until 29 August. 

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