Publishing Writing B: Work Experience and Projects - EN51036

Quick Facts

  • Postgraduate
  • 20 Credits
  • Semester 2
  • English - School of Humanities
  • Coursework 100%
  • EN51035 Publishing Writing A must be completed first in order to take this module

Module Details

 The suite of  “Publishing Writing A-C” modules are 20 credit modules normally available only to those enrolled on the Writing Practice & Study pathway and who are interested in honing their writing and editing skills, are interested in self-publishing and/or who want some work experience in publishing and the creative industries. However, spaces may be available for students outwith the MLitt WPS pathway on Publishing Writing A & C; if you are outside the WPS pathway and are interested in taking these 2 modules, please get in touch with Gail Low.

 Publishing Writing "B" offers work opportunities with publishers and creative industry organisations based in Scotland.


Dr Gail Low


In addition to seminars and drop-in consultations, the module is supported by email and vle – allowing for a degree of flexibility.


  • one 3000 word reflective essay or report on work placement experience or in-house publishing project.


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Module Aims

  • Through hands-on practice, placement and work experience, to offer creative writing students some insight into publishing through a period of time working in a publishing (or publishing-related organisation) or to undertake an in-house publishing project
  • To understand the contexts within which creative writing is produced and consumed.
  • To offer some understanding how students' transferable skills from Publishing Writing A that can translate into a publishing work experience or project.

Intended learning outcomes

On completion, students should understand the contexts within which creative writing is (and, where appropriate, has been) produced and consumed, including the publishing and/or bookselling industries.