Frankenlaw: Community, Division, Modernity (Critical Legal Conference 2020)

The Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy is delighted to announce details of the Critical Legal Conference 2020, to be held at the University of Dundee on 3-5th September 2020.

The conference is a collaboration between the Centre and the School of Law at the University of Dundee, fostering crossdisciplinary links. The theme of the conference, playing on Dundee’s connections to the work of Mary Shelley, is ‘Frankenlaw: Community, Division, Modernity’. The call for streams is now open, until 29th February 2020. 

Dundee had an embryonic role in the creation of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. Approaching the northern fringes of the United Kingdom, Dundee’s ‘eyry of freedom’ helped shape the imaginary that would result in Shelley’s famous text, and the infamous and unnatural conglomeration that it unleashed upon the world. Shelley’s reconstituted monster, created by Dr Frankenstein in his experimentations with the fringes of life, has become a cultural icon from page to stage to screen, and beyond. In taking it as inspiration for the theme of the Critical Legal Conference 2020, Frankenstein’s monster is reformulated as a rich and productive concept that encounters many of the multiple and profound tensions of modern law.

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Call for streams

Conveners of streams, thematic panels, or other activities can submit their proposals under the current call by 29 February 2020. The call for individual papers will then be released in March 2020, with papers being submitted directly to the conveners of the streams and accepted on a rolling basis until the deadline in June 2020.

Stream conveners will then provide the organisers with the details of the speakers and papers for their stream’s panel(s). As in previous years, there will be a ‘general stream’ with no particular theme that will be convened by the conference organisers.

Indicative Topics or Themes

Below are some suggestions of the possible kinds of streams or themes that might be derived from Frankenlaw. These are not intended in any way to prescribe what the streams for the conference will be. The final streams will be constituted from those that are submitted, not from the below list.

  • Law as a separated whole
  • Community and division
  • Ethics of critique, and/or of going beyond
  • Law and corporeality
  • Politics, law, and technology
  • The power and limits of reason
  • Law at boundaries of life/death/human
  • The idea of localising law and theory

Submission Instructions

To propose a stream , please submit the following to by 29 February 2020:

  • A 200 to 300 word abstract or outline of your proposed stream
  • Names and affiliations of the stream’s convener(s)
  • A single email address for the communicating convener
  • The email address to be used for paper submissions (if different from above)
  • You are welcome to propose a stream in an alternative or non-traditional format. Include brief details of your proposed format and any requirements alongside your abstract.

Any queries or information, contact: