University of Dundee Culture Day - Radical!

‌The 15th Annual University of Dundee Culture Day

The University’s annual Culture Day is a stimulating mix of talks and presentations across a wide-range of subjects united by a common theme. This year Culture Day celebrates its 15th birthday and like any stroppy teenager we’re in a radical mood! From radical politics to free radicals in our bodies, this stimulating event will definitely challenge the status quo.

This year's event features School of Humanities academics Dr Tim Morris and Dr Matt Graham.

Tim will be talking on the Radicals of Modernist Poetry - The Modernists of the early 20th century instigated a shift away from traditional poetic forms and embraced experimentalism and the avant-garde. Tim introduces some examples of the radical forms of composition that challenged and sometimes outraged contemporary readers, as poetry attempted to reflect the crises and uncertainties of the Modern Age.

Matt will be talking on Steve Biko and Black Consciousness: Remembering radical black thinking in the struggle against apartheid - While Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Desmond Tutu are celebrated heroes in the struggle against white minority rule in South Africa, the post-apartheid era has witnessed the rewriting of the past, excluding certain leaders and organisations. One such person is Bantu Steven Biko, who led the enormously influential Black Consciousness Movement, and deserves to be recognised as one of the giants of the anti-apartheid struggle. This talk will explore the emergence of Black Consciousness, which Matt will argue deserves greater acknowledgment in the modern history of South Africa.

See the event page for full details of all the speakers for the day

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