A Grand Gothic Magic Lantern Christmas with Dr Jeremy Brooker (AHRI)

The Arts & Humanities Research Institute (AHRI) Christmas Lecture 2017

Magic Lantern cartoonA Grand Gothic Magic Lantern Christmas

A lecture-entertainment devised by Dr Jeremy Brooker, renowned magic lantern performer and current Chairman of the Magic Lantern Society, this show features an authentic triunial (or Triple) magic lantern combining three projectors in a single device. This is the most complex and rarest form of magic lantern entertainment and Carolyn and Jeremy Brooker have been performing together for over 20 years to perfect this demanding art.  It allows them to present their fast-moving shows, featuring the most spectacular effects the lantern can produce. 

Jeremy Brooker has been giving magic lantern shows since he was fourteen years old. He is also a professional musician who has collaborated with a wide range of arts and other performers, as well as creating original slide images of his own. He has written extensively about the magic lantern and its history including the book The Temple of Minerva: Magic and the Magic Lantern at the Royal Polytechnic Institution, London 1887 – 1801 and a chapter on John Tyndall, Henry Pepper and Henry Morton in the recently published Science Museums in Transition.

Website: www.jeremybrooker.com  

There will be a wine reception prior to this event in Humanities reception (Tower Building, Baxter Suite) from 17:15 to 18:00.

All welcome!

Jeremy Brooker giving a lecture - photo credit Artemis Willis   Triple lantern


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Tickets: Free