Humanities Undergraduate Conference 2017 - Making Peace with Humanities

Humanities Undergraduate Conference Poster 2017The Humanities Society at the University of Dundee invite students, staff and the general public to take part in their first Humanities Undergraduate Conference on the 31st of May 2017 on the main campus (Tower Building).

The event, titled Making Peace with Humanities, wishes to open discussion on the worth and the potential contributions the study of the humanities represent in changing today’s world for the better. We are welcoming undergraduate students of all years and subjects issuing from both the University of Dundee and outside Scottish institutions (The Universities of St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Stirling shall all be represented). We wish to provide an opportunity for students from different universities to network, exchange, and be further encouraged in the knowledge that others carry shared interests in the humanities and their worth.

The Conference Program will encompass a range of exhibitions: from speech/poster presentations, entertainment, a key note speech and a discussion panel. Our key note speaker is Dr Philip Murphy, director of the Common Wealth Research Institute, London, and renowned for his work on decolonisation, the common wealth and the monarchy; he will furthermore participate in our discussion panel: Moving Past Imperialism.

The conference panel shall include undergraduate students from Dundee and Stirling, as well as Dr Matthew Graham, lecturer for African history at the University of Dundee. We will discuss key issues of Imperialism through the lens of different subjects with the aim to stimulate debate through generations, disciplines and levels of education. Finally, the main body of the conference will revolve around student presentations treating a variety of issues and topics, from transgenerational trauma in literature, the understanding of kinship popular culture to living in a post truth world. Presentations will be given as speeches with subsequent Q&A sessions or as poster presentations.

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