Writings from Scotland before the Union (Conference)

Presented by the Centre for Scottish Culture, University of Dundee

Keynote speaker: Dr Sarah Dunnigan (University of Edinburgh)

With Scottish national identity playing a key role in the political landscape of the British Isles, notions of “Scottishness” are now under scrutiny like never before. The culture of Scotland before the Act of Union of 1707 and how Scotland represented herself in literary terms, however, is often overlooked in these arguments.

Hosted by the Centre for Scottish Culture, 'Writings from Scotland Before the Union' is a one-day conference that will examine the literary culture of Scotland prior to the Act of Union of 1707, with the objective of gaining a clearer, more rounded understanding of how Scotland saw herself in literary terms before formal Union.

Travel bursaries for postgraduate and unwaged attendees are available subject to demand - email preunionconf@dundee.ac.uk for more information.


09:30—10:00: Registration (Dalhousie Building, Dundee)

10:00—10:10:  Opening Remarks, Paul McFadyen, University of Dundee

10:10—11:40:  Scotland in Europe - Chair: Dr Daniel Cook

  • Dr Anette Hagan, National Library of Scotland: Languages of the British Isles: a historical overview
  • Prof Donna Heddle, University of the Highlands and Islands: A Fine Italian Hand? Italian influence on the writing of John Stewart of Baldynneis
  • Dr Kate Ash-Irisarri, University of Edinburgh: A Conscious Coupling? The Emotions of Union in Scottish Poetics

11:40—12:00:  Refreshments

12:00—13:10:  Literary Nation - Chair: Dr Jo George

  • Lucy Hinnie, University of Edinburgh: A Devolved Divinity: The Construction of Scotland in Lyndsay’s ‘Dreme’
  • Dr Elizabeth Elliot, University of Aberdeen: Cognition in the Bannatyne Manuscript: personal identity and the idea of Scottish literary culture

13:10—14:00:  Lunch served in the Dalhousie Foyer

14:00—15:10:  The Formation of Identity - Chair: Dr David Robb

  • Dr Lesley Mickel, University of the Highlands and Islands: Scots in Westminster: negotiating Scottish and English national identities in ‘The Masque of Blackness’ (1605)
  • Alistair Sargent, University of Glasgow: Imagining Scotland from Revolution to Union, 1689-1707

15:10—15:30:  Refreshments

15:30—16:30:  Keynote Address

  • Dr Kylie Murray, University of Cambridge: Elizabeth Melville (c.1578-1640) and the poetics of dream and desire in pre-Union Scotland

16:30—16:45:  Closing remarks, Lawrie Dower

17:00: Drinks Reception in the Dalhousie Foyer

19:00: Conference Dinner


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