Gulliver's Travels: Lost and found Exhibition and Activities (Being Human Festival 2017)

A special exhibition of rare and unusual copies of 'Gulliver's Travels', accompanied by family friendly activities, read-along sessions and a book surgery.

Jonathan Swift at 350: Lost and Found (Being Human Festival 2017)

A series of events that will celebrate the 350th birthday of the world's greatest satirist Jonathan Swift, as part of the UK's Being Human Festival of the Humanities. Taking place at the University of Dundee and at other venues across the UK from 17th to 25th November 2017.

Swift at 350: the graphic anthology (Being Human Festival 2017)

Book launch of 'Swift at 350: The Graphic Anthology', featuring the work of local artists and competition winners.

AHRI Seminar featuring Dr Aaron Allan (University of Edinburgh)

Dr Aaron Allan (University of Edinburgh) will present this week's AHRI Seminar on the topic of "Craftwork beyond ‘the house’: Family and Household in the Edinburgh Building Trades".

Continental Philosophy and Information Technology Workshop

A workshop bringing together scholars engaging with IT within the continental philosophical tradition, with the aim of sharing ideas and fostering this emerging area of research.