Centre for Critical & Creative Cultures

Medieval and Early Modern Reading Group

Facsimiles: Pearl, Bayeux Tapestry, Chaucer

Frankenstein's Poetic Progeny (Being Human 2018)

Join the Wyvern Poets for a special reading of poems inspired by Frankenstein. And join us in making more!

Body Parts in the Archives (Being Human 2018)

During this Frankenstein-inspired event, you will handle images, documents and drawings - some hundreds of years old!

‘Frankenstein Returns’: The Comic (Being Human 2018)

Pick up a copy of the new 'Frankenstein Returns' comic, and hear about the thrilling history of 'Frankenstein' comics adaptations.

The Frankenstein Phantasmagoria (Being Human 2018)

Designed and hosted by The Magic Lantern Society, this marquee event comprises a hair-raising, eye-popping visual performance using Victorian equipment.