We Shall Be Monsters (Being Human 2018)

Award-winning writer Anna Stewart will lead a writing workshop exploring a theme central to Frankenstein and to contemporary society: the outsider.

Frankenstein Returns! (Being Human 2018)

Come along to the eagerly awaited return of our own home-made superhero, Frankenstein’s monster, on his 200th birthday.

Frankenstein's Medical Marvels (Being Human 2018)

We are taking over the Dundee Science Centre, with some special Frankenstein-themed activities.

Frankenstein Re-membered (Being Human 2018)

An exclusive screening of a commissioned 'Frankenstein' film by local experimental filmmaker and PhD student Chris Gerrard.

The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) (Being Human 2018)

A rare chance to see this horror classic on the big screen, back where it belongs, starring the iconic Boris Karloff as the Monster.

Medieval and Early Modern Reading Group

Facsimiles: Pearl, Bayeux Tapestry, Chaucer

Frankenstein's Poetic Progeny (Being Human 2018)

Join the Wyvern Poets for a special reading of poems inspired by Frankenstein. And join us in making more!

‘Frankenstein Returns’: The Comic (Being Human 2018)

Pick up a copy of the new 'Frankenstein Returns' comic, and hear about the thrilling history of 'Frankenstein' comics adaptations.

Body Parts in the Archives (Being Human 2018)

During this Frankenstein-inspired event, you will handle images, documents and drawings - some hundreds of years old!

The Frankenstein Phantasmagoria (Being Human 2018)

Designed and hosted by The Magic Lantern Society, this marquee event comprises a hair-raising, eye-popping visual performance using Victorian equipment.