Humanities Undergraduate Conference 2018 - New Voices in Humanities

The Humanities Society at the University of Dundee invite students, staff and the general public to take part in their Humanities Undergraduate Conference 2018 on the theme of 'New Voices in Humanities'.

Think Ahead Humanities - Postgraduate Study

An information event for Humanities students thinking of undertaking postgraduate study.

Humanities Society Ball

The Humanities Society at the University of Dundee invite students and staff to their Humanities Society Ball.

Writings from Scotland before the Union (Conference)

A one-day conference hosted by the Centre for Scottish Culture, examining the literary culture of Scotland prior to the Act of Union of 1707.

History Scotland Lecture

The first in a series of lectures on Scotland's history, organised by History Scotland magazine and the University of Dundee, discussing 'Who were the Jacobites and what did they want for Scotland?'

Memory, Identity and Trust 2018 (Conference)

This conference is part of the Centre for Archive & Information Studies (CAIS) Investigating the Archive: Memory & Identity programme, addressing various themes across 3 days.

Dr Connal Parsley on the Authority of the Artist (Philosophy Seminar)

A Philosophy Seminar on 'The Authority of the Artist' featuring Dr Connal Parsley (Kent Law School)

From Mystique to Politique: Péguy and Deleuze on Repetition and the Event (Philosophy Seminar)

A Philosophy Seminar featuring Craig Lundy (Nottingham Trent University).

The Civil Noise of Empire: Listening to Colonial Encounters in Australia and the Pacific (History Lecture)

A lecture by Professor Bruce Buchan from Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia), presented by the Scottish Centre for Global History.

Interruption, Disruption, Eruption - Humanities Postgraduate Conference 2018

This year’s conference theme is ‘Interruption, Disruption, Eruption’, and will continue the tradition of showcasing the best of research by postgraduate students in the School of Humanities.