Choose modules for MA courses - Level 4

Select your modules for Level 4 using this form, remember to check the rules for each course first

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How to choose your modules

Each degree has its own rules on the number and selection of modules you are able to take.

You should read the appropriate page for your course before making your selection to avoid disappointment.

The full list of MA modules includes links to a description of each module currently available to MA students.

Rules for each course

If you are studying a Single Honours Degree you have the opportunity to take one module from another discipline.

If you are studying a Joint Honours degree you normally take FOUR modules in your 3rd Year plus FOUR modules in your 4th Year over both subject areas. This can be split equally between both subject areas or you can take FIVE modules in one subject area and THREE modules in the other subject area. This is known as a degree split ration 4:4 or 5:3.

You can also refer to the full MA Degree Rules and Regulations document.

Level 4 module choice form