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Work/Life Balance Policies

There are a range of policies designed to support staff to balance work and home life and deal with personal responsibilities, as well as some of life's major events.

Full copies of all these policies, procedures and application forms are available from Human Resources.

(updated March 2015)


I am pleased to introduce the University of Dundee’s suite of Work/Life Balance Policies.

The University’s core purpose is to ‘Transform Lives’. It is recognised that transformation takes people and that the University would not exist if it was not for our staff. Our aim in developing and promoting our Work/Life Balance policies is to demonstrate the value the University places on its employees and to recognise the need for flexibility in the relationship between employer and employee within a context that supports our equality and diversity objectives.

We are delighted that the University was awarded the Athena SWAN Bronze Award in November 2013 in recognition of the University’s commitment to advancing women’s careers in STEMM subjects and that subsequent to this further applications from individual Schools, Colleges and units have been either successful or are in the process of being assessed.

In addition to supporting women in employment, the University strives to ensure that our environment is supportive of all our staff and is committed to other Equality and Diversity Charter marks relating to gender and race.  Key areas that have been recognised as important to all of these initiatives is the organisation’s ability to respond positively to staff as they navigate their way through different life events.

In developing the suite of Work/life Balance policies the University continuously draws on the knowledge and experience of the representative bodies and Human Resources staff.  The result is a wide ranging, and in some areas, innovative set of policies designed to support our staff balance work and home life and deal with personal responsibilities, as well as some of life’s major events.

We believe that through such Human Resources policies, the University will benefit through the commitment of our staff and that this approach will help us retain existing valuable employees and support our aspiration to make the University of Dundee an employer of choice.


Mrs Pamela A Milne MA MBA MCIPD
Director of Human Resources

31 March 2015