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UNITE Procedure Agreement

Between the University of Dundee and MSF in respect of those staff in Technical Categories Employed by the University.

Policy Statement

It is the spirit and intention of the Agreement to foster the best possible relations between the University and MSF and, to this end, to provide a mutually understood method of discussion, consultation and negotiation.

  1. General Principles

    1.1     All local conditions of employment shall be covered by this machinery with the exception (other than for their interpretation and application) of matters which are negotiated centrally through the Joint Committee for Technical Staff


    1. A Local Joint Committee shall be set up, and shall consist of three representatives appointed by the Personnel   Policy Committee of the University Court, and three representatives appointed by MSF, of whom one may be a full-time Officer of that Union and at least one shall be a member of the respective University Technical staff.
    2. Either side can have others in attendance as appropriate by agreement between the sides.
    3. A minute secretary, acceptable to both sides, will attend meetings of the Joint Committee, and shall, prepare a draft minute for approval by a nominated member from each side attending the meeting. The agreed minute will then proceed to the Personnel Policy Committee.
    4. The Local Joint Committee shall receive such information from the University and MSF as shall be necessary for effective discussion, consultation and negotiation.

    1.3. Both the University and MSF accept that the provisions of this Procedure Agreement carry the obligation to arrange a discussion under the machinery provided as quickly as possible with the aim of settling the issue as near as possible to the point of origin.

  2. Trade Union Representation

    2.1. It is agreed by both parties that the members of MSF may elect 'Union Representatives' (i.e. Branch Officers and Shop Stewards) according to the rules and constitutions of the Trade Union. The number of Union Accredited Representatives shall not exceed ten except by mutual agreement between the University and the Trade Union.

    2.2. The names and departments of Accredited Representatives shall be notified in writing to the Secretary of the University and changes in Accredited Representatives shall be similarly notified. No employee will be eligible for accreditation as a Representative unless they have been in the employment of the University for at least six months.

  3. Accredited Representatives and Trade Union Functions and Facilities

    3.1 The role of Accredited Representatives is to represent the Union members concerned and to investigate any complaint or difficulty raised by those members; to make representations on such matters to Management and to liaise with the Management to ensure that the agreements are being observed.

    3.2. The Accredited Representatives will receive notification of, and access to, new starts and will also have an Industrial Relations function to perform in relation to grievances, negotiations and consultations.

    3.3. Training of Accredited Representatives

    1. The responsibility for training Accredited Representatives in their duties as Representatives will rest with the Union, which will endeavour to provide it, through training courses or otherwise, at an early date after the Representatives become accredited and which will be responsible for the fees and expenses involved. Subject to the exigencies of work requirements at the times concerned and to prior consultation about the dates, times and proposed duration of the courses concerned, the University will normally allow Accredited Representatives reasonable time off with pay to attend such training courses in accordance with the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Services (ACAS) Code of Practice on this matter.
    2. Should the University decide to provide or arrange for training of any or all of its employees (including the Union's Accredited Representatives) the University itself will meet the expenses and fees involved.

    3.4. Facilities

    Reasonable facilities shall be granted for MSF Accredited Representatives to discharge their responsibilities under this Agreement including in particular:

    1. Facilities for an Accredited Union Representative to leave their place of work during normal working hours in the course of their duties within the terms of the Agreement, subject to obtaining prior permission from the Head of Department/School or their nominee.
    2. Facilities for the storage of papers and files; access to a telephone (the call charges involved to be reimbursed to the University by the Union on request); use (but not necessary exclusive use) of suitable rooms for interviewing and meeting individual Union Members in privacy.
    3. Meetings of Accredited Representatives

      The Union shall be entitled to arrange for its Accredited Representatives to meet for a period of up to one and a half hours in each month. The University will provide appropriate accommodation free of charge for these meetings to take place. Special circumstances may require the flexibility of other reasonable time off for meetings of Accredited Representatives and this should be jointly agreed by the Secretary of the branch and the University Secretary.

    4. A notice board in the Tower Building, or its immediate vicinity with other sites as required and agreed for formal Union notices.
    5. Time off with pay for attendance at appropriate courses as agreed from time to time between the University and MSF.

    3.5. Accommodation for Union Branch General Meetings. (Such meetings will normally be held outside working hours and wages payments will normally be withheld for any employee absenting themselves from their duties to attend any meeting during working hours, unless prior permission of the Secretary of the University has been obtained for the meeting to be held during working hours.)

    3.6.  Full-time Trade Union Officers

    In the performance of their Trade Union duties, full-time Union officers shall be permitted to visit the work-place of their members, provided they make prior arrangements with the Secretary of the University and/or Head of the Department/School concerned.

  4. Disputes

    4.1 If a local dispute arises, the 'status quo' will prevail and there shall be no stoppage of work, strike, lock-out or any other industrial action by either party and no alteration shall be made by the University to the Terms and Conditions of Employment, procedures and working practices at issue until all the disputes procedures specified in this Agreement have been exhausted.

    4.2 MSF accepts that inter-union disputes shall not be the subject of industrial action at the University level but shall be determined in accordance with inter-union procedures and decisions of the TUC.

    4.3 The right of an employee, whether a member of a trade union or not, to request a personal interview with the Head of Department/School or other appropriate officer of the University will in no way be limited by these arrangements.

    4.4 The parties to this Procedural Agreement reserve the right to terminate it by giving three months' notice in writing. Amendments may be made with the written consent of the parties at any time.

    4.5 Failure to apply this Agreement does not constitute a breach of contract by either party.

  5. Supplementary Arrangements

    5.1 The University will, from time to time, prepare and after consultation with the Union, issue to Heads of Departments/Schools and to staff concerned detailed information on the local arrangements made within the national agreements for the administration of Technical staff appointments.

    5.2 Following agreement at the Local Joint Committee the undernoted agreements appended in full will form an integrated part of this Agreement.

    1. Disciplinary Procedure

    2. Grievance Procedure - Clerical, Technical & Manual Staff