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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes

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Staff Survey 2019

Our staff survey is an important way for the University to learn what staff think about working here, helping us to identify both what staff feel is good about the University and what could be improved.

Our 4th survey ran from 28th October to 5th December last year and results were made available to us in early February by our survey provider.  Over 2000 staff completed the survey, a response rate of 62%.  On the whole, results were positive and similar to those of our last survey in 2017, but as is normally the case there are areas which require further work. 

University wide results were communicated to managers and staff during February and a summary of the results at University level along with detailed reports for Schools and Directorates are now available to all staff in Box

UEG will be discussing the results during March and Schools and Directorates will be analysing results and engaging with staff locally to develop Action Plans over the coming weeks.