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Dates of Meetings

27 August 2018 (deadline for papers is 19 August 2018)

29 November 2018 (deadline for papers 21 November 2018)

28 February 2019 (deadline for papers 20 February 2019)

30 May 2019 (deadline for papers 22 May 2019)

Post Approval Process

A key part of the recruitment planning process is to consider firstly whether there is a requirement for a post and if there is, to make a case for the recruitment to it. This applies equally whether you are considering filling a vacant post, or recruiting to a new post.  For every case however the following should be considered:


Under normal circumstances changes to staffing structures, in terms of the numbers of posts and the grades of posts required, will be discussed as part of the annual budget setting and planning process.  Any changes to the structure will be considered at this time and will be driven by the level and type of activity required to deliver business and operational objectives/priorities.  If such a post subsequently becomes vacant, or if there is a need to cover such a post on a temporary basis, the approval process for Replacement posts (Section 1) should be followed (with the exception of replacement Professorial and Grade 10 positions where the process for New posts will apply).

It is, however, recognised that on occasions, there will be a need to respond to unplanned changes to meet new, additional or different organisational or business needs that cannot be delivered by another means. In such cases of unplanned, in-year changes to the staffing complement, a request can be made for a new or additional post.  These occasions should be exceptional. If a request is being made for a new or an additional post, please refer to the approval process for New posts (Section 2).

These procedures are not applicable to posts funded by research or other external funding. These types of posts (with a Level 3 code starting with 8) will continue to be authorised through the Research Finance and HR.